Dubrovnik / Croatia

Stepping across the breathtaking beauty of the nature, AMAN Cavtat is designed to push its limits and become a peaceful architectural landmark connecting two contradicting worlds. 


The Social and the Private 

The Extroverted and the Introverted

The Traditional and the Modern.


The AMAN Cavtat standing as a set of stone towers across the horizon on the seaside, in contrast with the gentle skyline embracing the mountain end, enabling a kinetic experience of passing. The transition maintains a sense of wholeness without compromising the individuality of the soul by providing home to a wholesome community.


about the project

Aman Cavtat

Located to the historical town of Croatia, Dubrovnik, AMAN Cavtat is a bridge transitioning the wild nature of the mountain and fading into the calmness of the lavish Adriatic Sea acting as an undetachable whole.​

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