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The eclectic palette used in Sofitel renovation, contrasts soft and hard materials with cold and warm hues, so as to attract the visitors interest.


The space is highlighted by the linear details on the ceiling and floor, which augment the sense of continuity and consolidate the neighboring microcosms, strongly connected to all the rest areas, through linear perspectives and motives, inspired by the Ancient Greek designs on the amphorae. 

about the project

This Hotel is the first warm experience a visitor will encounter in Greece, as it is at the frontier of the International hospitality community, bestowed through the International Athens Airport. Sofitel is a centre, a meeting place for hotel guests and a resting point for passers-by.
Elastic Interiors have created a new focal point by combining exclusive materials with custom made high end design, to deliver a luxurious, yet affable interactive area.
Our involvement in this project was full scope of interior design of all spaces.
In the Ancient Mythology Artemis symbols, were personalized, expressed into the worship and often worn as jewelry. They were also used in the household decor as talismans to seek the goddess’s special gifts, blessings, or protection. Artemis is often represented by the new moon and by symbols associated with her fierce and adventurous, yet distinctly feminine, nature.
Involving and reproducing the ancient traditions into spatial design, we recreate the idea of Altars of worship and incorporate in our proposal the strength and the passionate embrace of causes of the Goddess, the distinct symbols and the strong yet elegant materiality, deriving as architectural gestures, surfaces and furnishing with a minimalistic aura of high end hospitality.
In order to provide the necessary connection between the different areas of the ground floor area, we create zones of transition, that introduce to the visitor the concept and materials that are exclusive in each area, in a mix and match approach.​


The aspiration of Elastic Architects for the Sofitel Athens International Airport is to combine Hellenic elements with international design, in order to deliver luxury and elegance through intimacy and hospitality. The restaurant concept derives from the name Mesoghaia itself, which in Ancient Cosmography is translated as a center, equidistant to all its peripheral points. The bar and reception areas are inspired by the dynamic aura of Artemis’ Legend. 

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